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  • What does AlleyCorp do?

    Founded by long-time entrepreneur Kevin Ryan, AlleyCorp founds and funds companies as well as nonprofits in New York. We continue to launch new companies every year, each influencing their respective industries and paving the growth of entrepreneurship in New York City. We are dedicated to partnering with  founders throughout every stage of a company, from idea creation to exit.

    Companies we’ve founded include MongoDB, Business Insider, Gilt Groupe, Zola, and Nomad Health, Coedition and Truebird. Since AlleyCorp’s inception, our companies have raised over $2B. 

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  • What makes us different?

    We have freedom and flexibility. The fact that we don’t have LPs means we move faster than your average VC. We are not constrained by industry. We don’t have to lead the round. We won’t pressure you to exit because we need to raise our next fund. We don’t need to hit specific ownership targets. This gives us the freedom to work with our incubated companies as true co-founders and ongoing partners, and to support the companies we’re invested in as fellow operators and entrepreneurs as well as investors.

    We know how to build because we’ve done it – again and again. We are able to come in at the ground level to build companies from square one using tried and true operational and management experience.

    We empathize. As founders ourselves as well as investors, we’ve experienced the full range of what it’s like to build a company.


  • What does success look like for AlleyCorp?

    Our North Star is supporting and growing the entrepreneurship ecosystem in NYC and beyond.

    AlleyCorp operates across three vectors: investing in companies, building companies, and funding non-profits. On the incubation side, we originate and launch 2-3 companies per year. On the investment side, we invest in 10+ companies per year and we make follow-on investments. We are committed to founding or funding at least one nonprofit per year.

  • What is AlleyCorp's incubation process?

    On the incubation side, we originate the idea, hire the team, fund the initial six to 12 months, launch the company, and maintain integral leadership throughout the company’s lifecycle. We are involved in our companies at every stage of development, all the way from pitch deck through IPO. Our founders become part of our family and often work with us again on future ideas and ventures.

  • What is AlleyCorp's investing process?

    We invest primarily in pre-seed and seed rounds (often as the first check-in), and make select series A investments. Our team recognizes that beyond an idea, the keys to building companies are team and execution. That’s where we come in.

    We believe a founder’s time is best spent building their team and business. To that end, our process is efficient and nimble. The fact that we don’t have LPs or an overhead investment committee means we’re able to complete conversations and diligence in partnership with founders in no longer than a few weeks.

  • What does AlleyCorp look for in founders and in ideas?

    We gravitate toward first-time founders who are experienced operators, but we’ve invested in everyone from students to serial entrepreneurs. We believe you don’t need to be an expert to have good ideas: that said, each of our founders commits to following a clear product vision, solving a pain point that users are equally passionate about, and building world-class teams.

    We believe good ideas are all around us. In companies we invest in as well as companies we found, we look for fundamental trends that can back us up for the next 5-10 years. When we build companies, we go with the assumption that we will own the vertical 10-15 years later.

  • What is AlleyCorp’s involvement in social impact and nonprofits?

    We are dedicated to supporting and expanding funding and growth options for non-profits. We are in the process of launching a $25 million social impact fund.

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