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Alley Robotics Ventures

Alley Robotics Ventures (ARV) is a dedicated robotics and automation strategy that invests across both hardware and software. Kevin Ryan of AlleyCorp and Eliot Horowitz of Viam, the modern robotics platform, are ARV’s anchor investors. ARV was founded from AlleyCorp DNA, and follows the AlleyCorp model when it comes to strategy, incubation, investing, and portfolio support. ARV invests at the pre-seed through Series A stages.

$30M fund investing in early stage robotics and automation innovation.

$500K–$2M checks at pre-seed through Series A stages.


ARV is led by Abe Murray. Prior to founding ARV, Abe was a product and engineering leader who held various roles at Alphabet (fka Google). He also worked on Android, built the Verily Life Science product teams, and built the Google Research product management team. Pre-Google, he founded a Web 2.0 startup and worked on unmanned aerial vehicles in the defense industry.


Abe Murray

Collaborative Investor, Alley Robotics Ventures


The future will be automated. As artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to improve and hardware costs continue to drop, the applications for robotics and automation must continue to expand. This wave is cresting with more investment every year and many successful founders showing the world what is possible. We’re excited to play a critical role in backing entrepreneurs building with purpose, aimed at some of the biggest problems facing our world, in one of the most rapidly growing industries of the coming decade.




Building intelligent massage therapy to help people feel and live better, longer.

ARIX Technologies


An integrated robotics and data analytics company that delivers inspection services through innovative robotics platforms.

Dexai Robotics


Safeguarding access to prepared food and enabling more affordable and sanitary meals through cutting edge robotics and artificial intelligence.

Civ Robotics


A construction tech startup aiming to revolutionize land surveying.

Mapless AI


Enabling the future of mobility.

Earth Force


Supporting fire-safe communities by reinventing vegetation management and generating safe, high-productivity jobs in the forestry industry.