Joseph Krause



Joseph is a materials sciences investor at AlleyCorp, where he focuses on sourcing, investing, and incubating future materials science companies with an emphasis on nanotechnology and semiconductors. He is a PhD candidate at Rice University in NanoEngineering, and has conducted research at the US Army Research Lab building novel neuromorphic computing chips for advanced army applications. He is an advocate for scientific entrepreneurship, and is focused on helping AlleyCorp become a leader in this space.

Outside of work, Joseph serves in the US Army National Guard as a CBRN specialist, responsible for ensuring unit readiness against chemical, biological, and nuclear attacks. He is a two-time honor graduate and has held leadership positions throughout his career. He cherishes the opportunity to serve our nation.



Encharge AI


Advanced AI hardware and software systems for edge computing.

Multiscale Technologies


Simplifying and accelerating the development and manufacturing of materials for product companies.