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Together, we build and invest in transformative companies for the present and future in New York. We are humbled to partner with brilliant and determined entrepreneurs along the way.


Kevin Ryan

Founder & CEO

Jay Hass

General Partner & CFO

Marshall Porter

General Partner

Tanya Beja

General Partner

Brenton Fargnoli, MD

General Partner

Abe Murray

General Partner, Robotics

Doug Band

Venture Partner

Jeffrey DeFlavio, MD

Partner & Executive-in-Residence

Bill Georges

Partner & Executive-in-Residence

Michelle Garland

Partner & CEO at Soul Search

Jane Suh


Omar Njie, MD


Alex Martin

Collaborative Investor, Crypto & Blockchain

Florencia Herra Vega

Partner & CTO; CEO at AlleyCorp Nord

José Oberto

CEO at AlleyCorp Sur

Sercan Ozcan

Partner, Finance & Operations

Wilson MacMillan

Technical Executive Recruiter

Catherine Diffley

Director of Platform

Alison Hill

Chief of Staff

K Oppus Ganade

Head of Facilities

Michelle Guengue

Office Manager