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Collaborative Foundership

We partner with industry leaders to co-found businesses together.


Collaborative Foundership is an opportunity for senior industry leaders and domain experts to ideate and found new companies part-time with AlleyCorp. Industry leaders are the best at identifying pain points and opportunities in their field, but aren’t always able to work on them full-time, resulting in abandoned opportunities. Collaborative Foundership enables these ideas to be built, while allowing the operators to both continue in their current roles and be a meaningful part of the company’s journey.

Launched in 2022, Collaborative Foundership evolved out of a long history of AlleyCorp partnering with industry experts as a key part of our incubation strategy, resulting in companies like Nomad Health (raised $200M+ in fundraising) and Transcend Therapeutics (raised $35M in fundraising). We have two NewCos currently in stealth in the devops and reproductive care spaces.


Led by Wendy Tsu, AlleyCorp’s first Partner leading concept developments and investing, who works across the AlleyCorp team to pair founders with the right domain experts.