Nomad Health


Alexander Nazem, MD
Max Laurens, MD
Ryan Grant, MD
Kevin Ryan
Alexander Pease


We co-founded Nomad Health to address the $15B temporary medical staffing market, which in the past has been dominated by small, regional agencies that are inefficient and have existed for decades. The idea for Nomad Health came to light after Kevin Ryan made a speech at Yale, when a doctor approached him from the audience to share a pain point he’d been experiencing around sourcing talent for his hospital in New Haven. Finding talent has historically been an enormous source of expense and inefficiency in the healthcare industry, with nearly all health institutions nationwide needing assistance in the form of temporary staff at some point every year.

With a nationwide clinician shortage, rising costs around hiring using up disproportionate amounts of hospital budgets, and a fundamental shift towards marketplaces, we identified the opportunity to develop Nomad Health: a two sided marketplace that serves these segments of clinical talent (both nurses and doctors). In between completing residency and his appointment to New York Presbyterian, Dr. Alexi Nazem was encountering this pain-point while looking for temporary clinical work. Nomad Health was founded in 2015 with Alexi as Co-Founder and CEO. As of August 2019, more than 100,000 clinicians and 4,000 healthcare facilities are using Nomad Health, and the company has raised more than $200M in funding.