Arthur Leopold

Jonathan Meyers


The first platform for creator content.


We’re excited to share our investment in Agentio’s seed round, which we co-led with Craft Ventures. Agentio is the first ad platform for creator content that is operating at scale — with the potential to revolutionize sponsored content in the same way that DoubleClick transformed display advertising by automating display ad placement. In just a few short months, co-founders Arthur Leopold and Jonathan Meyers have built a powerful product and world-class team, while partnering with industry leading brands and creators — setting in rapid motion what we believe will be an industry transforming company.

Our investment in Agentio comes with the confluence of powerful trends in advertising, technology, and consumer behavior. Sponsored content is predicted to grow to be a $402B industry in 2025 — nearly 5x growth from 2020. In fact, 75% of all consumers would now prefer to learn about new products and services via creator content versus traditional advertising, furthering our belief that sponsored content will be the most powerful and performant advertising channel worldwide. On the technology side, significant advances in generative AI will revolutionize the way that talent, brands, and content opportunities come together — opening the aperture for rapid and creative collaboration that captures hearts, minds, and consumer dollars far more effectively than today. 

As with any truly great platform, Agentio is solving a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive process for customers: helping creators and brands with matching, relationship-building, and developing new content that will resonate with consumers. For brands, the process of discovering and partnering with new creators has been driven by manual outreach, often requires large teams, and can significantly limit the discovery of new creators with whom they can partner. On the creator side, finding new brand opportunities is often haphazard or occurs by chance — meaning that historically creators have only encountered a tiny portion of the brands who might potentially want to work with them. In both cases, campaign ideas are often limited to what a brand has in mind, versus being driven by the creativity and insights of creators, who often have a deeper understanding of their user base. There is a clear opportunity for intelligent automation to drive greater value, creativity, and efficiency on both sides.

Agentio’s product will drive authentic and highly performant content through end-to-end automation, powered by access to first-party ad performance data and a machine level understanding of creator content. We are confident this novel approach will transform the way sponsored ad content occurs across every social channel, ultimately making it possible for both creators and brands to drive stronger outcomes. We also believe that Agentio will be an important driver in expanding the sponsored content market by making it possible for both sides to discover partners that were otherwise inaccessible. 

As is often the case when we make first-check investments, we are particularly inspired by the experience, vision, and promising early execution of this founding team. Arthur, Co-Founder and CEO, was the first employee at Cameo where he scaled the marketplace from nasency to $500M in sales. Having grown Cameo’s roster of celebrity talent from 10 to 52,000+ Arthur has unique insights into the needs of both creators and brands, and the opportunities to vastly expand their respective content opportunities. Jonathan, Co-Founder and CTO, was responsible for driving multi-million dollar MAU outcomes at Spotify, where he was an engineer and manager in the Growth & Innovation organization. His technical expertise leveraging AI/ML to generate meaningful content outcomes is at the heart of Agentio’s product, along with the world-class engineering team he has built. 

We’re excited to welcome Arthur, Jonathan, and the Agentio team into the AlleyCorp portfolio and look forward to building the next generation of advertising together.