Humming Homes


Kyle Carnes
Adeel Malick


We founded Humming Homes with Adeel Mallick (CEO) & Kyle Carnes to tackle the $500B home services market that had seen little to no innovation. After being introduced to Kevin and the AlleyCorp team, Adeel, who had spent most of his career in real estate, and more recently in real estate tech as an operator and investor, started digging into the macro trends around homeownership and the broader home services industry. Namely, anything to do with home maintenance and improvement. While the idea of owning a home can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming, it’s also a highly emotional experience that can envelop someone’s memories, dreams, and aspirations. Beyond that, most home management services fail to meet the needs of today’s homeowner – dual income households who are younger than ever – creating an immense gap between expectation and reality. Homes are growing more complex, and this new type of homeowner needs more than just a band-aid fix or set of inherited vendors to help.

That’s where Humming Homes comes in – an end-to-end home management solution to best serve the needs of today’s homeowner. The team has built a proprietary tech-enabled service built on reliability and transparency, with a mix of in-person and centralized support so there’s no single point of failure, data-driven recommendations to help preserve the value of your home, and a managed marketplace to facilitate services through robustly vetted partners. Since launching in October 2020, Humming Homes is now operating in neighborhoods across the tri-state area with over half a billion dollars worth of homes under management and the company has raised over $10M in funding.