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Social Impact

AlleyCorp Impact is dedicated to supporting early-stage for-profit and nonprofit enterprises in the social impact space. We incubate and invest in ventures that provide solutions to address hardships faced by low-income or historically underserved families, with a focus on education, social justice, and the future of work.

Dedicated portfolio deploying philanthropic and venture capital to seed, empower, and grow compelling ideas with meaningful social impact.

$500K-$3M checks at pre-seed and seed stage.


Our team has deep experience in the nonprofit, for-profit, and impact investing space. Everything we do centers around how we can meaningfully support products or services that change the trajectory of low-income families.


Tanya Beja

General Partner


We know that many of the hardships faced by low-income families are solvable and we believe that technology can be an incredible tool to help combat poverty and economic inequality. After AlleyCorp’s success in building companies powered by technology, we are compelled to deliberately harness our resources for public good in New York and beyond. Read our 2023 Annual Impact Fund Report.


Patch Caregiving


Building childcare that actually works for the hourly workforce.



A platform for individuals to freely, simply, and securely manage their personal vital documents.



The analytics platform for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Tough Leaf


Empowering minority and women-owned businesses to win more projects in the construction industry.



On a mission to create $1 trillion new wealth for the 44% of Americans who make less than $16/hr, using the power of big data & AI.

We are also proud to partner with the following organizations: